Treasured Leather

Treasured Leather

Treasured Leather

Tresured Leather.


Welcome to my one of a kind studio.

Here you'll find the highest quality work on the Treasures in Leather that you love.

A personal touch filled with innovative ideas for custom design, refurbishing, repairs, hand-cleaning, and conditioning.

Classes are available.

Contact Mayah Lolla
for an appointment
(520) 322-6636
Voice Mail: (520) 322-6636

Open University
Registration and information about supplies and classes

  • Custom Designs

  • Leather Furniture: Chairs, Hassocks, Couches

  • Books

  • Sporting Goods

  • Zipper and Lining Replacement
  • Alterations

  • Leather Garments: Jackets, Vests, Trousers, Chaps, Etc.

  • Purses, Bags, Fanny-packs

  • Secret Compartments

  • Holsters

  • More



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