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Who Are Nick & Andy? 

First, a little family history . . .

When Little Sweet DeeA Little Family History

Was one, two, and three,

She hated to eat any veggies.

Through childhood and teenage,

She went into a rage,

Whenever she saw any of these.


Take them away,

I won't eat them today,

She started to look quite forlorn.

She sat and she sat,

Until she got fat,

And, finally, decided to reform.


It wasn't too late,

To shape her own fate,

And so she started to workout.

Every day with a friend,

An hour they'd spend,

Planning a fresh produce cookout.


She's kept up her health,

Her figure is svelte,

And, now she is Sweet Granny Dee .

She teaches her grands,

To make healthy plans,

And they, of course, are Nick and Andy.

Despite Granny's past,

They like foods that are fast,

Pizza and fries are just right.

Andy eats chips with his peas,

Nick is all carbs and cheese, 

But, now they are seeing the light.


Most of us are like Nick and Andy,

Whether eating burgers or candy,

We eat too much sugar, salt, and fat.

Chemicals with a Latin name,

Ads and claims we know are lame,

We call it food, but really what is that?

This debate can make us tired,

But, Nick and Andy are inspired,

To become a little healthier, too.

They work with Sweet Granny Dee,

Making Pops'n'Cools  sweet and chilly,

The Frozen Treat That's Good To You.


La mayoria de nosotros somos como Nick o Andy. Aunque comamos o no manzanas o apio, comemos mucho más azucar, grasa, sal y productos químicos y los llamamos alimentos- productos que nuestros cuerpos nunca intentaron absorber. Fueron personas como Nick y Andy quienes inspiraron la creación de Pops‘n'Cools ™ El Aperitivo Congelado Que Es Bueno (nutritivo) Para Usted. El equipo de Nick & Andy espera que usted visite con frecuencia la página electrónica popsncools.com. Nos envie con confianza su comentarios y sugerencias a info@popsncools.com



Nick & Andy hope you will visit popsncools.com often. Feel free to offer comments and suggestions at info@popsncools.com


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